This 80s Honda Civic shows how far car technology has come in 40 years

A popular automotive influencer has reminded motorists not to take modern technology found in cars for granted, showing how many models were 40 years ago.

TFLstudios is the TikTok account of The Fast Lane Car, in which a number of presenters show off a wide range of interesting vehicles and give advice that could help drivers cut their motoring bills.

In a recent video, host Tommy took a look around a 1984 Civic with just 70 miles on the clock, highlighting how few features it has.

He said: “This is a brand new 1984 Honda Civic with under 70 miles on it, and it’s amazing just how basic you could buy these cars. Look, no power locks, no power windows, that’s to be expected. No air conditioning, heat only, and how about no radio?

“Instead, you get a little blank panel that says Honda, but if you didn’t spec the option for the radio, you didn’t get any sound system whatsoever. What’s funny is you still got the speaker covers, but they’re just blank, there’s nothing in there.”

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Today, almost all new cars feature a plethora of features, including large infotainment touchscreens, climate control and lane keep assist to help drivers stay comfortable on the road.

However, several decades ago, many family models did not even come with a radio, with buyers expected to either pay extra at the dealership or fit a unit themselves.

Other features such as remote central locking and air conditioning were only offered on luxury models of the time.

However, later in the short video, Tommy noted that the 80s Honda is missing one feature that is now required to be fitted to all new cars by law.

He added: “I mean it’s even more basic than that, there’s no passenger-side mirror at all.

“Where you’d expect a mirror, you get a little cap here. Where you expect an antenna, you get another cap. This car is as basic as it gets but they last forever.”

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