Future Cars Set to Transform Beyond Mere Transport into Dynamic Interactive Spaces, Thanks to Emerging Tech


How is emerging tech redefining our relationship with cars, transforming them from mere transportation tools into dynamic, interactive spaces?

Michael Harrell, SVP of Engineering Maps at TomTom, offers a visionary perspective on this transformation, emphasizing the profound changes in how we interact with our vehicles. His insights were particularly highlighted at the CES 2024 event, where TomTom unveiled its ACCESS-powered digital cockpit, showcasing the future of in-car experiences.

Harrell delves into the electrification of vehicles and the advancements in self-driving technology, which are altering the automotive industry and reshaping our everyday experiences. His insights reveal a future where cars are no longer just about getting from point A to B, but about enriching our lives with new forms of entertainment, connectivity, and comfort with emerging tech. He also touches on the challenges and breakthroughs in vehicle interface technology, highlighting the role of conversational AI in making our interactions with cars more intuitive and human-like.

We’re really gonna be looking at a car as a third living space, and it’s gonna enrich this environment if you could have a great theater and gaming system with camping capabilities. All these great things that you can do and experience within the car, it’s fundamentally changing the way the automotive industry and the number of companies are thinking about and working, to innovate and change the space of the car,” Harrell said.

Article written by Sonia Gossai

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