Andrews Police Department receives new technology to prevent car thieves

ANDREWS, Texas (KOSA) -The Andrews police department is now able to recover stolen vehicles with new technology that detects license plates and its history.

The LPR system is going to be a game-changer in the city of Andrews, and it will reduce the amount of car thieves.

Stolen vehicles have been a major problem across West Texas.

The new system will be able to read every single vehicle plate that passes by, and it will detect if it is a stolen vehicle.

“In regard to stolen vehicles, I think it is going to be the number one tool in finding them because we don’t have to look for the plates anymore the system will do it for us and the system is able to find way more plates than we are with our own two eyes.” said school resource officer, Micah Smyth.

The camera has a wide lens that can scan car plates up to four lanes and it works in the dark.

The Andrews police department believes this new system will strike fear to car thieves in West Texas.

“Even when they are parked in a residence, if we drive by the wide camera lens will be able to pick up the plates and run it and the system alerts us with a sound and it will pop up on the computer that the vehicle is possibly stolen, and we will confirm it with dispatch.” said Micah Smyth.

The LPR system will keep the community safe.

“This will prevent the fear from growing in people’s hearts where they are scared to leave their cars out in the driveway or parked in the street,” said Micah Smyth.

All of the police cars in Andrews are now equipped with the LPR system and it’s already done its job.

The Andrews police department has recovered stolen vehicles from Midland and Odessa.

“Hopefully it becomes a deterrent for people who are coming to Andrews with a stolen vehicle but at the same time we want to be able to help other agencies out if they get a car that is stolen, and we can recover it here.” said Sergeant Criminal Division Andrews Police Department Chris Davis.

Those two stolen vehicles were recovered over the past two weeks.

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